This page is a collection of resources for clean water activists to use when educating others about the issue of water fluoridation. 


The Clean Water Raleigh Summary Sheet (This is great to lead with)

     With some color (One page. Has clickable links for emailing)

     In black and white (One page. For printing at home or making copies)

     1/3 sheet flyers (you'll have to cut them)

     1/3 sheet flyers B&W (you'll have to cut them)

Fluoridation Overview plus Three Reasons to End Fluoridation (One page. Could print this on the back of Summary Sheet. It's the same text as "Quick Facts About Fluoride" below, but more suitable for printing at home)

The following are perfect to have printed at FedEx Office, UPS Store, or other print shop. Very colorful, sharp, and professional-looking.

10 FACTS ABOUT FLUORIDE (3 options. And here's the link to the corresponding video )

     11-page brochure (Best for emailing)

     1-page tri-fold brochure, front and back

     1 page, all on one side (Could print on the back of CWR Summary Sheet)

Quick Facts About Fluoride (2 pages)

Who Opposes Fluoride? (3 pages)

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation (26 pages)

These may be helpful for your own edification:

Countering Objections (Excerpt from The Case Against Fluoride.13 pages)

Countering Objections (2-to-a-page, in case you want to print these out)

Fluoride Action Network's FAQ page (3 pages).

Click here for tons of VIDEOS

Highly recommended BOOKS


   Guidelines for Discussing Fluoride (Dos and Don'ts)

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